Project R3D, a 3D printer manufacturing startup from the Chicagoland area, has been working for the last year and a half to bring the next level of open-source hardware to market. When we set out our goal was not to reinvent the wheel but rather to solve the implementation problems that plague the market.

By sourcing and integrating only the best open-source components into one cohesive machine our Daedalus line of 3D printers was born. We achieved our goal with our flagship printer the Project R3D D2880 which features a large 2880 cubic inch build volume, auto bed leveling, WiFi, and a 7 inch touchscreen. It doesn’t stop there; along with schools and makerspaces, we stand by the fact that 3D printers are long-term investments. In order to extend the lifespan of our printers, the Daedalus line was designed to be modular with a three year frame to allow individual components to be upgraded as new technologies emerge.

Project R3D became a reality because of a makerspace and the sharing of knowledge among its members, and we continue to foster that sharing spirit by open sourcing our files. The members of the team come from a variety of backgrounds, including medical and engineering, and have nearly a decade of experience with 3D printing. We are a group of nerds working to better the 3D printing landscape by producing large, upgradable, easy-to-use printers at an affordable price point.

Project R3D Team

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